Posted on Jan 31, 2021


My name is Attila Pinter. I’ve been into computers since I was 6 years old. I got deep into Linux when I was 14, fast forward to today and Linux is what I make a living with. Been studying IT in my younger years, but schools were not as great at teaching or knowledge transfer as the community is. I did spent a month at university - which I got into with full scholarship -, but considered it a waste of my time and bailed.
Since that I’ve been working on:

  • IoT devices - before they were called IoT - hardware design, test, assembly and support,
  • Smart city projects - before they were called smart cities -,
  • Big data projects - before it was called Big Data -,
  • Countless security and retail projects involving distributed video content analysis,
  • Face detection and recognition projects,
  • Hundreds of hours of consultation work for small and large companies,

My field of expertise are in interoperability, cloud services, IT automation and infrastructure, collaboration. I guess in today’s terms I would be called a DevOps engineer. In the past few years been working on a hybrid cloud solution integrating ~60 different cloud providers with our on-premise storage servers at OpenStorage.io as the CTO.